Come along and have a go Curling

About Us

The Queensland Curling Association has been up and running since January 2005 and membership is growing each year. The club meets each week at Boondall Ice World (Sandgate Road, Boondall) where teams slide and sweep across the ice like nothing else seen in the state.

Curling is a fun, interactive team sport. It is open to all ages and anyone at all can play. No experience is required and club members are more than welcome to show you how to play and help improve your skills. Queensland Curling also provides all equipment needed – brooms, sliders, curling rocks and of course the sheet of ice. All you need to do is turn up in something warm and with comfortable footwear (we recommend sneakers or running shoes).

So why not come along and have a go? Who knows the Olympics could be beckoning?

Where we play

We curl at the Iceworld Olympic Ice Rink in Boondall.

2304 Sandgate Road
Boondall QLD 4034
(07) 3865 1694

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Examples of Our Work

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